Since 1995, we've assembled the top event professionals from around the world to work together, share business and make our clients happy.


Our Mission is to:

Be a partnership of experts sharing best practices, industry knowledge
and global business to business opportunities

Creative Event Team (CET) is a partnership of companies offering a complete palate of services necessary for success in the meeting and event industry. Our Partners are reputable companies who have met rigorous criteria to become part of the CET organization. They adhere to the highest levels of professionalism, offer personalized service solutions within all budgets, and have significant experience and resources worldwide.

All meetings and events are created for one or more of the same reasons.

  1. To connect the audience to a particular message

  2. Inspire an emotional response to an idea

  3. Build a foundation for change

  4. Create a connection to a brand or cause

  5. Simply to entertain.

Regardless of the reason(s), it is necessary that all of the elements of the event are planned and then delivered as planned in order to achieve success.

CET Partners are award-winning professionals who know the importance of an event to their clients. They are keenly aware of the hidden challenges and importance of making the right choices to guarantee success anywhere in the world.

Each CET Partner has been working in their field of expertise over a decade and has produced hundreds of events, each unique in its needs and objectives.

Why not consider having Creative Event Team be the common element in creating success for your clients.

Creative Event Team helped me double my business in less than a year and had a 5000% return on the annual dues.
— Will Curran, Endless Events